Itelisoft, S.A.

Itelisoft, S.A de C.V. is a software company located in La Piedad, Michoacán, México, who’s on a mission to help businesses and corporations increase the productivity of their business with software and apps that are tailored just for them. They have worked for some of the most recognizable Mexican companies, including Rotoplas, Lapisa, Mobil and even the State Government of Guanajuato.

The goal

Itelisoft’s old website didn’t reflect their business and their values very well. It was based on an inexpensive WordPress template that wasn’t made to fit their needs. As a software company, dedicated to developing tailor-made apps and software for their clients, they needed a custom-made website that showed off all their best attributes under the best possible light.


The team had in clear what they wanted their company website to look like. The marketing team gave me as a starting base Google Drive’s landing page.

Screenshot of Google Drive's landing page
Screenshot of Google Drive’s landing page

Google Drive’s landing page was to become my bible for the next couple of weeks. I were to study what worked and what didn’t to come up with Itelisoft’s website.

The process

After a careful examination and study process of Google Drive’s landing page, it was decided that the homepage had to showcase some of the company’s best products, utilize some of the newest APIs and technologies to prove their innovative capabilities and give some social proof, a.k.a. testimonials, that the company was indeed the real deal.

1. Product showcase

Screenshots of some of Itelisoft’s past projects were to be used inside a phone frame and accompanied by some copy-writing that demonstrated their experience and capabilities as a technology company.

Screenshot of the product showcase section from Itelisoft's website
Screenshot of the product showcase section from Itelisoft’s website

2. Use of the newest APIs and technologies

For this point, I suggested the use of Lottie Animations as the newest web technology and API. Lottie is an animation standard developed by Airbnb that has become extremely popular on the internet for its ease of use, small file sizes, and powerful code.

As a result, I designed all of the site’s animations with the help of Adobe After Effects and the Lottie APIs and standards.

3. Testimonials

The marketing team chose two different testimonials from two of their most successful projects. Amongst the chosen clients were Adrian Contreras (CEO of Holix LAB and Shark Tank México Entrepreneur) and Estefanía Higuera (CTO of Chevrolet La Piedad).

Screenshot of Adrian Contrera's testimonial on Itelisoft's website
Screenshot of Adrian Contrera’s testimonial on Itelisoft’s website

4. Lead generation

In order to help the sales department I suggested we could use a pop-up to quickly and easily generate some leads. It was thanks to this suggestion that the company was able to gain La Piedad’s Municipal Water Agency as a client less than a week after implementing the pop-up on the website.

Itelisoft lead generation through a pop-up window
Itelisoft’s lead generation through a pop-up window

The result

The result is a website that conveys the company’s capabilities and values in one place. It has helped the company increase their presence online and bring in more revenue by helping them onboard new clients more easily and efficiently. full page screenshot full page screenshot

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