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Screenshot of Ozaru's is a company located in Mexico City that helps fellow companies in their digital transformation journey. At the same time, makes sure that their client’s employees (the most essential factor) is not neglected nor forgotten and is given the attention they so highly deserve.

The goal

Ozaru’s old website looked and felt outdated. For a technology company, their website seemed straight out of the 2010s.

Screenshot of's old website design
Screenshot of’s old website design

It was thanks to the help and collaboration of the Mexican design firm, and myself, that we were able to bring’s website back to life.

The process was in charge of designing and coming up with a website that looked and felt great while at the same time providing visitors with an experience that was worth their time. Once a design was finished and approved, I would be the one to bring it to life and make it into a site that worked the way it was conceded to do.

1. Animating images

This is something I first tested and learned when working on a web design project over at Itelisoft. Just like I did back then, it was decided that for the user interface animations we would use a technology based on curves and developed by Airbnb called Lottie.

2. Making the site interactive

This was something that I had to learn for the job and that I had not done anywhere else. I had to not only use HTML and CSS to develop the site, but also learn how to code JavaScript and be able to do it in a matter of days so that I could achieve what the design team over at had planned for the site so that content would switch and change depending on the user’s choice of information.

Interactive design found on pages from
Interactive design found on pages from

3. Available in multiple languages

And last, but not least. Just like in the Araiza CPA project, what was learned there was applied here as well. Creating a multilingual site would help achieve its goals in México and the rest of the world.

Screenshot of in English:
Screenshot of in Spanish:

The result

The result is a website that looks, feels and works like it should. It is a big improvement over Ozaru’s old website, and most importantly it has helped the company expand its presence online while at the same time expanding its business. full site screenshot full site screenshot

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